"Experienced Expat, John Mueller, tells what its really like for Americans to live, work, and/or retire down in Latin America." -The Expat Files-    I personally love listening to John, this guy just gives you the low down with no restrictions on what life is all about in Latin America.

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This is my favorite, love your interviews Tony.

"Canada exports a lot of worthy things. Universal human rights, the idea of a UN peacekeeping force, poutine. But one of the country’s greatest exports, at least in my opinion, is its people." -Adam Rozenhart-

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"These podcasts have been created for one reason only… to show you that this life is real, it is possible and it can be yours. Each persons circumstances are different…where they live, how they travel, what it costs and how they fund it…but their level of happiness and enjoyment was much the same. Sure their new lifestyle had its own challenges and there is no such thing as perfection… but compared to what they were doing before there are few who harbor any regrets." -The Expat Chat-

Travel Podcasters​

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Episodes 51 and 52, 2006, really hit me on a personal level.  I do not know what it was about your experience or the way you told your story, but it was real intimate and inspiring.  Tanzania would have never crossed my mind until you spoke about it. Thank you.  In my opinion, you are very well traveled and a fantastic interviewer.

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"I have mastered the art of traveling and living on a budget, which is what allows me to continue on this path of consistent travel. What bothers me, however, is that there is a lack of American travelers abroad. There are plenty of Australians, Canadians, South Americans, Asians, and especially Europeans, but traveling Americans are more of a rarity. I believe, because I have experienced first-hand what travel can do to a person’s life, that I have a responsibility to change this." -The Budget-Minded Traveler-

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"Most people believe travel is expensive…and most people are wrong! We’ve gone all over the world by scoring $5 plane tickets, cheap apartment rentals, and even free stays in some amazing homes. Let us show you how!"             -Extra Pack Of Peanuts-

"Hi, we’re Craig and Linda, the two Kiwis behind the Indie Travel Podcast. Since February 2006 we’ve been travelling around the world.  We are addicted. We see no end in sight."  -Indie Travel Podcast-

​- Travel Podcasters of the World

Here you will find a series of the top travel podcasters around the world. These are genuinely the people that fill my days with entertainment while I drive to and from work every single day.  I personally guarantee that your long boring dreadful drives will be filled with excellent interviews of people traveling the world, whether they are expats, digital nomads and world travelers.  From house sitting to couchsurfing and backpacking, taking planes or hitch hiking. Every interviewer has their own unique approach on how they do the interviews and the wealth of information that can be gathered here is priceless.  I will try to provide links to ITunes podcasts and Stitcher Radio podcasts so that android users can benefit from the interviews as well. So sit back, relax, download your travel shows before heading out of the house and plug in your smart phone to your car stereo or listen directly with your headphones.  You will be thanking me later for this.  To all the men and women who take their time to host these wonderful podcasts, as I said to the travel bloggers, I’ll say to you.  I am grateful and thank you all, congratulations for your successful shows.

"The Amateur Traveler audio podcast is about travel destinations. It helps you decide where to go next. The show usually features an interview with a destination expert or with a traveler who has been to the destination recently. The show intends to motivate people to travel and I have started posting stories of people who have been motivated by the Amateur Traveler to travel as the series “Our Travels“. We share travel tips, things you would not learn from the guidebook, funny travel stories and surprises." -Amateur Traveler-

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"In 2011, after graduating university with majors in finance (Ryan) and marketing (Amanda), they decided to take their first big trip together. This 6 month whirlwind journey took them  through western Europe, Southeast Asia,  Australia and New Zealand. They literally ran around the world in hopes of gathering some form of idea of what was next." -The World Wanderers-

"Whether you’re a travel newbie DYING to figure out a way to explore the world, an occasional traveler LONGING to make your holiday everyday or a seasoned traveler SEEKING unique ways to continue wandering you’re all welcome here!" -Zero To Travel-

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Amateur Traveler

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