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No! No! No!  This does not mean you can hack into a travel bloggers website and immediately adopt their travel life style. Believe me if it were possible I would have been hacking away years ago.  What is Travel Hacking?  Travel Hacking is using tools that travel industries are offering to the general consumer population, such as frequent flyer point cards and point systems by using credit cards or doing purchases at certain retail locations.  There are many misconceptions on these point cards.  

After having a proper understanding of all the features and benefits, and really taking the time to understand how they work, you can really travel almost anywhere not spending any money.  There are many Travel Hacking experts out there that have invested countless hours of research and really digging deep into these programs to get the full potential of the rewards.  

Believe it or not!!!  There is a bootcamp for Travel Hacking and Travis from Extra Pack of Peanuts has everything you need to know.  A full proof bootcamp system designed for everyone.

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Do I believe in this system? Yes I do and I am currently on my way to building a strong points foundation which will one day provide the airfare I need for me and my family.  So stop reading this, get on with the experts I present here and start earning your points today.  Happy travels and thanks for visiting 1stoptravel411 Travel Hackers information page.

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