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" My name is Brooke Saward, a 24 year old with restless feet and a desire to see the whole world, one country at a time! I created this space on the internet as a hub for people like me who want to be inspired daily to travel and live a more adventurous life everyday. On this blog I share travel tips, lifestyle tips & motivation, DIY projects, recipes and a little from my life back at home." -Brooke-

Wonderstruck Fawns aim to educate, inspire and encourage readers to explore new destinations, live ethically and think critically. We encourage readers to understand more about themselves and more about the world through the power of travel. We believe travel can make you wonderstruck. We believe travel has the power to broaden your mind push you to your limits.

GGT is a point of inspiration to plan travel to Asia, Oceania, and Micronesia. Through vivid stories and photographs, I introduce you to lesser-known destinations while sharing travel tips to save time and money. I stick to the motto: “Travel like a lady. Budget like a boss.”

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a guy and girl standing at the begining of the road overlooking an endless road ahead. Both with their backpacks on their back, the girl is crouched down as the guy is standing next to her. Along the left side of the road is a long line up of all the flags of the nations one after the other. The sky is blue and it looks like a great day to start a new journey. Same image as the homepage image.
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"I am not part of the travel industry. I am a doctor, medical researcher and university professor who has two passions: my work and travel. And I only like the best of the best. My blog (launched mid-February 2014) is a reference source for fellow travelers with the same spirit. There is an avalanche of travel websites, reviews and agencies out there, that can inspire the demanding traveler but also cause a lot of frustration and confusion (“too many choices!”; “is it worth it?”; “will it fit my taste?”). I filter all that information into this website about luxury travel (to help you!), based on my own 20 years long (and ongoing) experience of traveling around the world."     -Luxury Travel Expert-

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"My name is Gareth Leonard, a Marketing Director turned World Traveler with a passion for slow, meaningful travel.  My goal is to go from Tourist to Townie, one adventure at a time. I count relationships formed over countries visited, and experiences over landmarks." -Gareth-

" I am a travel vlogger, blogger and comedy youtuber who travels the world and shares my experiences and travel expertise via social media and through my videos. My travel credentials include over 45+ countries visited, all recorded on video over the last 5 years and shared to over 200,000+ subscribers on myyoutube channel. My passion for travel and love for comedy is contagious and I love sharing the destinations I visit in fun and funny videos and blog posts that teach and inspire others to follow their travel dreams!"

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