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"I arrived with two bags.  No job. No apartment. And only a few friends.  Being a social young professional this was a bit of a challenge.  But things have a way of working themselves out and now I’m here and I’m blogging about having the time of my life. Of course there were days when I wanted to stand on the rooftop terrace and scream what have I done with me life? But for the most part I love it.  And things seem to work themselves out. I found a place to call my own and interesting people have come into my life."        -Why Morocco-

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Backpacking in Morocco

"The Morocco Travel Blog covers all things Quitessentially Moroccan such as cultural sites, natural wonders, the best restaurants, spas and places to shop, ancient monuments, news and events,festivals, cuisine, and the hospitality of its people through our lively, entertaining and heartfelt stories about Morocco. We welcome visitors of the blog to submit their own posts and comment on ours." -Morocco Travel Blog-

"Marlène Pauly is a Belgian architect, interior designer and personal shopper in the field of interior design.  
Since 2012 she calls 'home' the exotic little boho town of Essaouira on the Atlantic Ocean in Morocco, as well as big sister Marrakech at about 160 km. Enjoying her life under the African sun with the most eclectic group of friends ever.  Follow her in the medina's of #Essaouira & #Marrakesh hunting for dream homes, exciting renovations and ❤❤❤ holiday stays.  " -Marlene Pauly-

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"I am a teacher at an American school in Casablanca, Morocco, and have just graduated from college in the U.S.  I spent last summer and fall in Morocco studying Arabic in Rabat and then enrolling in Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane as an exchange student.  The last time I was in Morocco, I learned valuable lessons such as how to make juice out of bananas and avocados and how to relax and not worry that nothing seems to happen on time."  -We'll Always have Casablanca-

Morocco Travel Guide

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Expats in Morocco

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Welcome to Morocco, and for my personal choice, known for its Olives, YUM!

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​Official language of Morocco:  Arabic and French // Country Capital: Rabat // Approx  population: 34.7 Million. // Government type:  parliamentary constitutional monarchy //  Emergency - 190 or 112 from mobile, Gendarmerie Royale: 177, Ambulance 150 // A standard tourist visa can be issued for up to 90 days

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Power Source and outlets:  Voltage: 220 V, Frequency: 50 Hz, Power sockets: type C / E



There are 3 mobile providers in Morocco, Maroc Telecom, Meditel and INWI.  As long as your smart phone is unlocked, you should not have any issues finding a sim card either at the airport or anywhere in the city.  On average a sim card will cost you between 50 and 65 Dirham, some providers may give it even for free as I have read.  Otherwise, buy yourself a plan that is suitable for your needs for the duration of your trip. 

*Tips from a personal friend that has family in Morocco and has visited many times*

  1. Minimize eating street food, even thou it looks good, hygiene is not to our standard
  2. In some places, taking a picture of a street performer can be interpreted as accepting his service and you will pay.  Taking pictures is ok, but out of respect, ask first.

From all my reading, the best exchange rate you will get is by directly withdrawing from an ATM.


Bus, Train, Taxi and UBER moves Casablanca 

​***Taxi's, there is two types,  Petite taxis and Grande taxis. The Petite taxis are small cars and they are not allowed to go outside of the town border. If you want to go outside you will have to use a Grande taxi, which is allowed to go anywhere.***

Every city in Morocco will have a central bus station for you to easily buy tickets to travel from city to city. Fares are cheap, making travel affordable.

Luxury buses, operated by CTM:

- National Line:  CTM makes you travel around Morocco and guaranties you all the comfort, well-being, security and quality of a superior service.

- International Line:  Your favourite destinations are available starting from France and Spain.
CTM works in partnership with Eurolines in vast international network serving a great number of European destinations starting from France, Spain and Italy. Our high quality service guaranties you all the comfort and security from each and every destination. CTM developed its network aiming to facilitate all your travels to European capitals. This network spreads in more the 80 European cities providing direct liaisons with a departure from Morocco.  

Train System:  Operated by Offfice National des Chemins de Fer (ONCF), there are trains that run between: Marrakesh, Fez, Casablanca, Rabat, Oujda, Tangier and Meknes. They’re separated into 1st and 2nd class, both comfortable. -Official Website is in French and Arabic-

Basically, it is very possible to travel from Morocco to Europe via entering Spain.  There is a ferry from Tangier to Spain whether your travelling by bus or Train.  By train, it will include the cost of the ferry and you will transfer to Euro Train lines.


  • General greeting is done with a gentle handshake.

  • ​When well acquainted with someone, a handshake and a slight kiss on both cheeks is acceptable, starting with the left cheek.  Only to be done with the same gender.
  • ​If a woman is covered (full veil) respect their space and a polite head bow is appropriate. 
  • It is preferred that young unmarried woman do not venture out to bars and cafes alone.  Plan to go out in groups or with a man.
  • Men and women should cover their shoulders and women’s dresses or skirts should be at least below the knee.
  • ​Moroccan's are very hospital people, if invited to their home for a meal, it would be rather disrespectful to refuse.  Bring a small gift, flowers or pastries will be appreciated.
  •  Remove your shoes when walking into homes, and dress conservatively.  In some instences men and woman eat in seperate rooms.  Wash your hands and if eating with your hands, use your right hand to feed yourself.  


  1. ​​Majorelle Garden:  The Majorelle Garden, is a twelve-acre botanical garden and artist's landscape garden in Marrakech. An archaeological museum, it contains the Islamic Art Museum of Marrakech. - Google Maps

  2. ​​Hassan Tower: The minaret of an incomplete mosque in Rabat.  Construction egun in 1195, the tower was intended to be the largest minaret in the world along with the mosque, also intended to be the world's largest. In 1199, Sultan Yacub al-Mansour died and construction on the mosque stopped. - Google Maps
  3. ​​Casablanca Cathedral:  Casablanca Cathedral, church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, is a former Roman Catholic church located in Casablanca. - Google Maps
  4. ​Camel Trekking in Morocco:  Office:  Camel Trekking Desert Tours, Camel Trekking in Merzouga,Night in Erg Chebbi, Merzouga 52202, Morocco. Tel:+212 676-712825 - Google Map
  5. City of Chefchaouen:  Chefchaouen or is a city in northwest Morocco. It is the chief town of the province of the same name, and is noted for its buildings in shades of blue. - Google Maps
  6. ​​Chellah:  Chellah or Sala Colonia, a medieval fortified necropolis south of Rabat. - Google Maps



  1. Theatro Marrakech:  Dance, Hip Hop, Mixed Genre, DJ's, Night Club -  Google Maps
  2. So Night Lounge Marrakech:  ​Restaurant, Lounge, Bar, Live Music -  Google Maps
  3. 555 Famous Club:  Dance Club, Hip Hop, Mixed Genre, DJ's, Night Club -  Google Maps


  1. Le Grand Comptoir: Restaurant, Bar, Live Band -  Google Maps
  2. Upstairs: Bar -  Google Maps



​1: Mohammed V International Airport - Casablanca - CMN

(Within a 30 KM radius)


  1. Hopital 20 Aout: 37 Min 30 KM - Google Maps -  Tel: +212 5224-83031

  2. Clinique Dar Salam:  728 bd Modibo Keita, Casablanca 20100 MoroccoTel:  +212 5 22 851 414

CoWorking Space:  Closest one I found is in Rabat, much further away.

TechVerse:   Appart 9, 5th floor, Building 9, Rue Ksar Souk, Corner Rue Al-Mariniyine, Hassan - Google Maps -   Tel:+212-650-95-44-21

Before I list Hostels, I want to give people the opportunity to stay in a Moroccan Riad.  The term 'riad' means garden, but it is  applied to town houses built around a central courtyard. Riads were the stately city homes of the wealthiest citizens such as merchants and courtiers. Today, people, tourists can book them for for accommodations.  

Quoted from the Jack and Jill Travel Blog 

What's It Like to Stay in a Moroccan Riad?
"Staying in a riad is definitely something you have to do when traveling to Morocco."

But, what is a riad?  

"Riad is traditional house in Morocco. It is characterized by having an inner courtyard or a garden as the central element of the building. As a matter of fact, the name comes from the Arab word ‘ryad’ – garden."


  1. Riad Jnane Sherazade:  35 Min 33 KM, 8 Rue de Belgrade Habous، Casablanca 20000, Morocco - Tel: +212 5228-24444​


  1. Carré Français de Casablanca:  40 Min 34 KM - Google Maps -  Tel: +212 5229-40785

  2. Hotel Central: 42 Min 34 KM - Google Maps -  Tel: +212 5222-62525

2: Marrakech Menara Airport - Marrakech - RAK

(Within a 30 KM radius)


  1. Clinique Internationale De Marrakech:   11 Min 5 KM - Google MapsTel: +212 5243-69595

CoWorking Space + Accommodation: (Not really close at all, but its the only one)

  1. ​​Sundesk:  3.5 Hrs 265 KM - Google Maps -   Tel: +212-631908960


  1. Riad DIA:  Google Maps -  Tel: +212 677-031515

  2. Riad Jennah Rouge:  - Google Maps -  Tel: +212 677-171420


  1. Dream Kasbah Hostel:  18 Min 8 KM - Google Maps -  Tel:  +212 629-652268   ​

  2. Equity Point Hostel Marrakech:  18 Min 8 KM - Google Maps -  Tel: +212 5244-40793
  3. Casa Del Sol:  14 Min 7 KM - Google Maps -  ​Tel: +212 5243-84643


Be sure not to miss out on any of these fantastic podcast episodes where all the focus is on Morocco.

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