"My time in hostels both on solo and group trips, and working and living in hostels, inspired a love for the atmosphere of each building.
The way a hostel brings together travellers of all different ages, interests, faiths, and nationalities and forces them to live side by side in dormitories, drink side by side on pub crawls – or even to learn to surf together – is such a beautiful thing in a world full of war and turmoil mostly brought about by a lack of understanding of other cultures." -The Hostel Girl"

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Hostels vary in prices,  from what I've read they vary anywhere from five to thirty dollars a night.  It can be either sharing bunks in open rooms or some offering private rooms. The options are there, you just need to find the right one that's good for you.  So in short, a hostel provides beds at low costs for travelers in rooms that could be shared by 2,3,4 or up to 20 people.  I personally want to give a huge shout out to Dan Vineberg for allowing me to use his photos and also give a shout out to "The Hostel Girl," both fantastic people, courageous and adventurous human beings.  Thank you so much for sharing your travel stories.

"I started travelling in September of 2013.
I never set out to be a long-term traveller – it just happened.  Good things happen if you follow your passions and trust your instincts. I write content to feed people's passions and inspire them to travel."          -Dan Vineberg-  

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Courtesy of Dan Vineberg: The new travel blog

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So we spoke about couch surfing and house sitting as affordable travel accommodations, but lets not forget one of the most classic and old school ways of getting a good nights rest under a roof, staying in a hostel.  Now as in everything else, not everyone is fit or comfortable with different types of shelters.  People like their private space and not having to share the toilet, but to others, staying in hostels can be seen as a learning experience and a great place to meet new people.