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"This is the blog of The Family Without Borders – a traveling family. Together with our small daughter Hanna, we decided to to live the life we always dream't about. In 2010 made a 6-months long road trip Around the Black Sea and through the Caucasus to the Caspian Sea and back to Berlin." -The Traveling Family-

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"There must be something in my genes, coming from a family of immigrants who crossed the ocean to try their luck in other lands-I have always felt the need to see what's beyond the Andes."  -The Nomadic Chica-


Have you ever asked someone you know what Couch Surfing is?  Waiting for their creative answers, people thinking it is the next big thing to do on YouTube like "Planking".  I have asked a few of my friends and I loved all the responses I got, but what I loved even more is the look on their faces when I explained to them what it really means to "Couch Surf".   What kind of amazing adventures it brings and most important, the people you meet along the way. Now let me make this clear, I am not a couchsurfer, as stated in my "about me" page, I am the Frozen Explorer who wishes to accomplish these adventures one day.  So for now I will let the experts share their experiences on what couch surfing is all about.  Keep in mind the community of Couch Surfers is tight and they are supposed to look out for one another.  Couchsurfing is based on trust and when you’re out there traveling, you need to feel secure no matter where you go.  Saying that, always do your homework and do not just go into anyone’s home without advising someone you know where you will be.  That's just my advice from a father’s point of view, if my daughter was backpacking across Asia or anywhere for the matter, the very least I would expect from her is a quick message saying, "Daddy, I'm couch Surfing at this location tonight." Remember travelers, there are people out there that love you and worry about you, all the effort and energy you use to go out and explore the world, reserve 1% to communicate back home via phone, internet or whatever means you have.   So with that being said, YES!!!  Couch Surfing from what I’ve read, watched and heard, is a phenominal way to travel cheap and meet awesome people along the way.  To all the Couch Surfing hosts out there around the world, let me say thank you for providing people with the experience of a life time and keeping them safe.  My hat goes off to all of you for opening your doors to once a stranger now a lifelong friends.  

"Hey there, my name is Josh and I'm from Germany. I'm a regular guy and one day I started to do irregular things. I've got lost in Iran, become part of the national choir in Georgia after a few pints of beer, CouchSurfed on 5 continents, joined the Arab Spring in Egypt, went on a road trip through Afghanistan and the only university I've ever attended was the University of life." -Josh-Go Travel Your Way-