Before I get to the budget travel bloggers, I can not give any other man more credit then I am about to give to Travis from "The Extra Pack of Peanuts"  I gave him credit in the travel hacking section, but he is more then just a points guru, if you take the time to follow his podcast and listen to the interviews he has done, you will learn a wealth of information on budget travel.  Travis in my opinion, is the King of Budget Travel talk show.

Budget Travel

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Yes, we spoke about AIRBNB and Hostels as well as frequent flyer miles, but, there are also other ways to make traveling affordable without necessarily having to boot strap the entire adventure.  There are plenty of websites that provide lower airfares to alternative ways of traveling and seeing the world.  



Be sure not to miss out on any of these fantastic podcast episodes where the discussion is focused on budget travelling. 

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Budget Traveling

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In terms of budget travel, or travel with little to no money, I have to say for me this is by far the most inspiring traveler and writer. I highly suggest you really take in all that Tomislav has to offer.

They say that travel isn’t for everyone.  They say it’s for the financially rich, physically strong, and socially adept. We’re none of those. We’re everything a traveler shouldn’t be. We’re too shy to approach strangers, too shy to haggle, too shy to ask for directions. We’re socially awkward, geographically challenged, perpetually unlucky, shy, overweight, clumsy, accident-prone. And as travelers from a third-world country, we go through twice the shit that other travel bloggers do: from the painstaking visa processes to random immigration checks.

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Another great opportunity to travel by ground with IMOOVA, another vehicle relocation service that gives you a deadline and an allowance.  As the largest relocation agent  in Australia and New Zealand we offer new one way trips everyday in Australia, New Zealand and USA, Canada, only using the best suppliers. Trips start at $1 per day.

Secret Flying is made up of people finding error fares posted online to simply awesome deals, act fast, they can be corrected or gone in a blink... 

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Budget Travel Bloggers​

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"Hi guys, I’m Tomislav Perko, I’m 30, and I come from Zagreb, Croatia.  Until 2008. I was a stock broker. Suit, tie, those kind of things, and the financial crisis came, and took my career, money and easy lifestyle I was accustomed to. I decided then to make a strange move – I started traveling. It wasn’t a logical move, I had no family support, and almost no money in my pocket. And I started writing about it." - Tomislav -

"Over the long years, through many experiences good and bad I've learned that travelling is no where near as expensive as so many people believe! In fact, I can honestly say I often spend less money when I am travelling than when I am living somewhere long term!" - Dan -

I'm going to start this off with a few websites that I have found and as I discover more I will continue to update this page.​​

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"You really don’t need to be rich to travel you just need to want it badly enough. So I’ve decided to give this whole blog thing a go, update you on my whereabouts, tell some stories and convince you that you can travel on a budget just as I’ve done." -Laura The Explorer-

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"Throughout my travels, I have become an expert at being on the road whilst having no money. I have slept rough, couchsurfed and hitched my way around the world. Between 2010 and 2013 I spent over two years in Asia. Including the cost of my flights I spent an average of just $12 a day." -Will-

"Hello, I’m Andrea: a nineteen year old Canadian gal who is continuing her backpacking adventure under the idea that to live life is to explore life. A full-time student and part-time dreamer, I use my blog to document my travels and adventures and to prove to the world and myself that you can do anything, even on a student budget!" -Andrea-

Here is an excellent way for Americans and Canadians to see both countries on the road.  Hit the Road is a service for snow birds that are traveling from Canada to Florida during the winter season and need people to drive their cars down and back after the winter.  Also many other cross country opportunities are available.

"Well I guess I’ll start by telling you the musings I cover on this site and what you can expect:  Entertaining and informative travel videos.  Amusing and quality writing about the things I’m passionate about…
Which are: 
1: Adventure and ‘off the beaten path’ style travel
2: Eco-tourism and cultural immersion
3: Saving money while travelling
4: Storytelling"

"I developed a love of travel early on, when my aunt Chris took me on a two-week road trip around the western U.S. when I was just 8 years old. We visited almost every western state and about a dozen national parks in the process." -Gabriel-

On this page, we are going to cover more budget travel bloggers, podcasts and I am going to share all the websites that I found which most people are not aware of.  We will cover more about hostels, AIRBNB's and basically more alternative ways of traveling including tips and tricks.  Be sure to listen to the podcasts found on this page, as they are all geared towards budget traveling.  So there really is no excuse to not travel, cause if these people are doing it, so can we.  Well hopefully!