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Depending on your needs and negotiation skills AIRBNB is generally affordable. AIRBNB is a website for people to list, find, and rent lodging. It has over 1,500,000 listings in 34,000 cities and 190 countries.  There is a rating and review program as well as pictures to provide the guest with as much possible information prior to booking.  

​I do stress as always, do your due diligence. Do not just choose any house or whatever is being offered.  Be sure there are reviews and comments, and see if you can ask questions and try to speak with the owners first.  So once again, do not let me hold you back as I present to you some of the best AIRBNB travel bloggers and podcasters sharing their stories either through writing or audible interviews. 

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" I love discovering new places, meeting new people, have crazy experience and new stories to tell. Life is for living and I like living in adventures." -Pauline-

"In early 2010, I’d had enough. I was only 23 years old but had already grown sick of life. I hated waking up early in the morning, hated being told what to do by someone I didn’t know and hated working so hard for something that I didn’t even really want. At the time, many firms were hurting from the global financial crisis, and my employer offered extended leave to anyone who wanted it.

I took it."                      -Bren on the Road-

Well yes! There are multiple ways to find accommodations while traveling. Hotels, Motels and house sitting are not the only option. Sometimes depending on the time of year Hotels can be sold out, over booked or simply too crowded.  Have you heard of AirBnB? Created by a man that could not afford to pay his rent started to rent out a mattress on the floor of his living room offering breakfast.  He has turned his idea into a multi million dollar industry.   I say Kudos to him for making it work. 

" I did the whole ‘give up everything and travel for years’ backpacking trip in my 20s, but now with a business, house, family and friends, I’m trying to bring them all together. So I mix up travel and home life – with trips ranging from weekends in the UK and Europe to more far-flung exotic trips." -Lucy-

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