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If you are asking yourself why I call myself Frozen Explorer, the reasoning behind it is rather simple.  I feel like a Frozen Explorer.  My mind has probably traveled further than any distance a man has done, yes that includes Astronaut Neil Armstrong, but yet, my feet are frozen to the ground.  Rather bold statement right?  It is true, I'm one of those guys that has a restless brain.  I day dream hours on end, if I am not working or not busy with the family, travel is on my mind.  For as long as I can remember, I wanted to venture out and go on a endless, unplanned journey.   I was never sure where to go, how I would get there or what I would do once I get there, but there is one thing I am certain of, I would not work until retirement and die here.  It's not the way I want to go.

A normal day of work for me consists of about 5 hours of driving, and every single minute that goes by is indulged in travel podcasts.  My collection of travel shows have kept my ears warm for the last 5 years and I probably have for another 8 years of listening to do.  You see, my heart and soul wants to leave, but my time is not here yet, for the moment that is.  I am a family man, I have 2 daughters, 1 is in high school and the other in elementary, so maybe right now is just not the best time to sell everything and leave.  I am not a fan of this puppet life living the 9 - 5 job (mind you I do much more then that).    This is not a recent emotion, I have been wanting to go since I was a young teenager, but of course life has its paths for everyone and I am grateful for all I have as I could not see my self complete without my wife and daughters.  

This rat race, this fixation on owning everything and anything, the comparisons to one another, the go, go, go.... life style is all unhealthy and controlled by media, government and the work force.  Let's not get into a conspiracy discussion now, but it is a simple statement to show you all where I am coming from.  I simply want nothing to do with all of this.  There is so much more to life then living to work, where it is all about the performance, stats and money.  I'm sorry, but family does not come first in this style of life...  I want to show my kids that there is more to life then what we have here.  To see other cultures and experience life from multiple angles.  Get rid of the technology, get rid of all the fancy stuff and fill our lives with love, culture and adventure.

-Frozen Explorer-

Development of this website serves three purposes...

1:  I want to show my appreciation to all the travel bloggers and podcasters of the world that I am extremely humble and grateful for all the work they put into sharing their experiences with us.

2:  Simply share my passion with others and hopefully giving the public a easy way to find all this fantastic information.

3:  After trying SO MANY FAILED attempts  for different ways of being a "Digital Nomad"  so I also can be location independent, I've tried making a Zazzle store, blogging, and other stuff I do not even remember.

On March 3rd 2016, I woke up and had my idea...  Learn how to develop basic websites and grow from there, so that night, I registered this domain and started to create my very first ever website meanwhile sharing all the information that I am very passionate about......